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Established in 1980,is operated by President HSIN-YI CHENG. With industrious employees and advanced technology.GWO-LING specializes in producing screwed machinery.

Based on the missions of continuous reform and overall service, GWO-LING is not only one of leading machinery companies in Taiwan, but also a famous exporter in Asia, Europe, and Middle East. Even though GWO-LING is so proud of its success until now, it continues to make progress in Research & Development to compete in such a highly changeable and competitive machinery industry.

In order to成人手机电影 achieve an objective of extension. GWO-LING establishes branchs in GuangDong Mainland China. This branch is operated with superior quality of facilities and technologies like its mother company in Taiwan. Those strict qualifications make GWO-LING provide customers the best machinery and service.

  Absolutely,GWO-LING will keep growing in the future with its sincere and down-to-earth characters. Finally, GWO-LING welcomes any questions and suggestions from you. Your valuable opinions will help GWO-LING develop more in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you here in advance.
Factory Area Introduces  
No.39, Hwa Ya 2nd Rd., Kuei Shan Hsiang. Tao Yuan Hsion 33383, Taiwan.
TEL: 886-3-397-5899?FAX: 886-3-397-9600     E-mail: gwoling@ms39.hinet.net  
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